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Long term co-worker Jason Baldwin

A fun little story I have is how I worked with the same guy for nine and a half years over a twelve year period. That guy is Jason Baldwin . It's been a great time, we've helped each other with career moves, learned data science project ideas, followed each other around the globe to different studios, debated religion and philosophy, discovered musical genres, and shared . . .

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March 12, 2015

Star Wars - Despecialized

Now featuring the actual colors of the film!

If you don't self identify as a Star Wars fan you may not have noticed that the Star Wars you can buy today is quite different from the Star Wars that you went to see in the theater as a kid.

To help generate buzz for the Star Wars prequels, and also to celebrate the original films 20th anniversary, a "special edition" of Star . . .

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February 05, 2015

The Making of Disneyland

My wife and I took our two boys to Disneyland this past Christmas. It was especially awesome because our youngest son was just tall enough to qualify to go on every ride the park has to offer. And we pretty much did just that, with the exception of Splash Mountain which we felt miiiight just be too scary for us. For the kids I mean, the kids. . . .

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January 15, 2015


The 80's never ended

My friend Jason introduced me to a fantastic music genre last year known as “Synthwave”. In a nutshell, it’s the embodiment and celebration of the 1980’s in all of it’s neon colors, tricked out synthesizers, track pants and sports cars. As often as not you’ll catch samples from old arcade games and 80’s action films. The nostalgia factor is . . .

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January 11, 2015

Weight Change Flow Chart

Just follow the arrow

The fundamental factors required to gain or lose weight are pretty straight forward, but can nevertheless sometimes appear to be confusing. So I decided to make it in to a flow chart. Please share and enjoy. :)

Silvrback blog image

You can download a higher quality version of the chart here:

Note: This is a pretty simplified chart in . . .

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July 02, 2014



A is a measurement of energy, it is exactly how much energy you would need to heat one gram of water by one degree celcius. In a nutritional context we typically work with Kcals, or 1000 calories (which would heat one kilogram of water by one degree C.) For the purpose of simplicity I'll simply refer to Kcals as calories. Since a . . .

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May 19, 2014

Habit RPG

Your life, the role playing game

Habit RPG

I've messed around with task management apps and fancy online to-do lists for a few years, but none have come anywhere close to being as fun and productive as a website I discovered last year called HabitRPG .

Imagine creating a list of habits you want to form, things you would like to do on a daily basis, and an overall to-do list that is . . .

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May 07, 2014